In many regions airlines have been given government support to help them through the pandemic. Not Latin America. How has the relationship between lessors and their clients evolved? Several well known airlines are processing their way through Chapter 11, but is this all bad? Is it short term pain for long term, sustainable gain? Lessors tell us why they are bullish about Latin America.

Walter Valarezo
Head of Americas Sales
Alfredo Sarria
Sales and Marketing, Americas
Jackson Square Aviation
Sameer Adam
SVP Commercial
ACIA Aero Leasing
Priscilla Branco
Regional Manager for Latin America & Caribbean (​LAC)

Leading banks discuss how the recovery will be financed and answer key questions such as: What financing strategies are Latin carriers pursuing in 2021? Are most new secured deals for Latin carriers relying on ECAs or supported financing providers? Will financing become easier to offer in the region when restructurings are completed?

Rafael Kuhn
Managing Director, Head of Aviation Capital Markets
Deutsche Bank
Stephen Trent
Director of Americas airline research
Renato Baran
Senior Analyst Airfinance Team
Richard Sharman
Bird & Bird